MOVING ON is a course created for young people with young people. We offer an individualised alternative to college courses. Our course places each individual at the centre of their learning experience, working in small groups with experienced tutors. Each young person is helped to fulfil their potential and explore next steps in a very supportive environment. The key aim of Moving On is to ensure that each of our students achieves success in next steps, finding a job, apprenticeship or the correct college place.

Young people are encouraged to develop or learn new skills in some form of creativity working alongside professional artists. Creative skills can be developed in Music (digital, songwriting, recording & DJ’ing skills) Photography (Portrait studio workshops, digital editing & basic photography skills) Film making (Script writing, editing, sound recording & stop frame animation) Sculpture workshops, Cartoon drawing
workshops or individual projects to suit the needs of the individual. Team work is a vital part of all the
development of young people and they are  given the opportunity to work on a collaborative piece for
example a film or concert.

ENGLISH AND MATHS: a key part of the course delivered by an experienced Adult Education tutor leading to a Functional skills qualification.

VOLUNTEERING: at the heart of the course is our commitment to ensuring that each young person is well prepared to secure an appropriate job or further training. By taking a key part in volunteering opportunities at Treverbyn Hall.

EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS: this is part of the course focuses on developing those key skills that all employers are looking for, this will lead to a qualification. We will access and develop each individuals skills to
maximise chances of work and/or further education.