Creating Characters

Jess Character

Some of the students from our St. Blazey group have been looking at creating characters in various art forms. Check out this artwork from Jess!

A day from a Lockdown Journal – Quarantine – by Kezziah

Lockdown Journal Quarantine

This week we see a second entry from Kezziah’s Lockdown journal, entitled Quarantine. Kezz discusses how video calls have become a new normal, how she is keeping herself occupied and offers some advice for planning when times are better.

The Magic Unicorn – A story by Alanna


THE MAGIC UNICORN Once upon a time there was a little girl, and she had her whole life ahead of her.  From when she was born her dream was to have a unicorn, she asked her mum every day, but her mum said no as they had no money, not even for food.  Her mum […]

Car Maintenance with Joanna

Car Maintenance

As part of a Home Management project, Joanna shows us some useful pictures of car maintenance. Right…I better go and check my oil and tyres!