Once upon a time there was a little girl, and she had her whole life ahead of her.  From when she was born her dream was to have a unicorn, she asked her mum every day, but her mum said no as they had no money, not even for food.  Her mum was having food banks every week as they lost everything when her dad died.  Her mum was keeping herself up for her.  It was the girl’s birthday soon and she wants a unicorn bad.  She is being super good for her mum to get one.  She went to bed and woke up the next morning, but she did not have one, though her mum did her best to get all the presents. But the girl did not understand that.  She said some stuff she did not mean that day to her mum and ran away.  

Her mum was really worried, she was asking everyone where she was, but no one knew. The girl was in the woods walking around when she heard something. It scared her.  She ran to the house as fast as she could, but she still could hear it.  She is at home crying into her mum thinking that she is in danger.  Then it comes to the door.  Her mum answered.  It was the ground keeper.  She was fine.  Her mum told her she has a surprise for her. She went outside and…….

IT WAS A UNICORN!  She was so happy and she gave her mum the biggest hug and said I love you mum.  Her mum replied I love you too.  Now the girl can fly everywhere.

P.S. don’t always kick off at mums, they do their best for you every day. You look around, they are not that bad there’s more people than you that is in a worse place with no one.  Enjoy life while you can.

By Alanna