MOVING ON is our Programme of Study course sub-contracted through Cornwall Adult Education. It has been  created to deliver a programme of activities for young people 15 – 18  (25 if they have an EHCP) who are looking for an alternative way of studying.  This course is particularly suitable for young people who have high anxiety, communication issues, low self-esteem and confidence.  The course is delivered in small groups, normally no more that 10 students at a time and covers a wide range of skills and activities. This allows us to places each individual at the centre of their learning experience, working alongside experienced tutors, each young person is helped to fulfil their potential and explore next steps in a very supportive environment.

During their time on the course young people will work towards a variety of qualifications, take part in activities to support individual living  skills, plan trips and visits, have the opportunity to do work experience, make friends and become a more confident and rounded person.

Clay Face Sculpture

Some of the workshops we run are:

  • Photography
  • Sculpture
  • Film making
  • Digital skills
  • Cooking and Baking
  • Crafts
  • Or you can study independently to develop a more individual skill

Qualifications can be gained from entry to level 2 in the following areas:

  • Functional Skills in Maths and English
  • Arts Award at Bronze and Silver Level
  • NCFE in Employability Skills

Please take a look at our gallery to see what we get up to.


Carry on Baking

We also deliver a Business Enterprise project.  This gives students the opportunity to get involved in the running of a small venue with optional catering.  Our class of 2021 students ran a Baking Enterprise project in which they did all of the baking for a Pop-up-Café, as well as marketing and budgeting. Since we have taken on the Seven Stars Inn, we will be combining the knowledge and wisdom of our previous project with the addition of renting rooms to local groups. Students will help with marketing, bookings, cleaning and presenting the rooms, as well as catering if required. This is a great hands on way to discover what it’s like to be involved in running a small business. We are currently in the process of exploring ideas for our new venue…so watch this space for further updates.