Functional Skills – Maths EL3, L1 and L2

Maths Resources

Welcome to your Maths Resources page.  Here you will find all of the PowerPoint Presentations for Maths Lessons, throughout the academic year.  Additional resources for Worksheets and Past Paper Exam Questions are also available to assist with your studies and revision.

If you have any queries about any part of your Maths studies, please email Dawn ( or Simon ( and we will get back to you as soon as possible (please note emails are only monitored Mon to Fri from 09:00 to 16:30).

The lessons presented here follow very closely the order of topics presented in your CGP Textbooks.

Remember that your CGP textbooks are yours to keep and do fill in the practice questions.  Answers are available in the back of the textbook so that you can self-assess (mark) your own work.  In most instances, we will work through the practice questions presented in the textbooks, in class.  The textbooks also contain a Practice Exam Paper, which makes excellent revision in preparation for exams later in the year.

Maths Lesson

Section 1: Number

Lesson 1 Number and Place Value

Number – Lesson 1 Introduction to Maths, Number and Place Value

L1 Place Value Worksheet

L1 Maths Calculations Exam Questions


Lesson 2 Number Lines and Scales

Number – Lesson 2 The Number Line and Scales

L1 Maths Place Value Exam Questions 


Lesson 3 – Addition and Subtraction

Number – Lesson 3 Addition and Subtraction


Lesson 4 – Multiplication and Division

Number – Lesson 4 Multiplication and Division


Lesson 5 – Square Numbers, BIDMAS and Rounding

Number – Lesson 5 Square Number – BIDMAS – Rounding


Lesson 6 – Linear Sequences and Fractions

Number – Lesson 6 Number Patterns and Fractions


Lesson 7 – Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Number – Lesson 7 – Fractions Decimals and Percentages


Lesson 8 – Ratios and Proportions

Number – Lesson 8 – Ratios and Proportions


Lesson 9 – Formulas in Words and Letters

Number – Lesson 9 – Formulas with Words and Letters

Section 2: Measures, Shape and Space